Watch this video to see how emCall can save your life.

Our patented mobile personal emergency response app puts life-saving response at your fingertips – anywhere in the US.

In an emergency, you don’t have time to think about who – or how – to call. That’s why we designed emCall with two simple buttons – one for Medical Help and one for Police Help. Three quick taps on the appropriate button will instantly initiate a process that can literally save your life.

Designed to get you the help you need – as quickly as possible.

Your three taps instantly send information to our professional, highly trained emergency operators. This information includes your name and your location, saving precious time. (According to the FCC, saving just one minute in emergencies would save up to 10,000 lives per year.) You will never be put on hold or placed in a voice tree. And because the operator already knows if you need medical or police help, they can immediately initiate the proper response protocol.

A unique approach to medical emergencies.

When you triple-tap the Medical Help button, of course you will be connected to a professional operator. But something else very important will happen: all the medical information that you have entered into our secure servers is transmitted back to your phone and locked on the home screen, ready for first responders to review – even if you’re unable to speak. This patented Medical Information Transfer Screen – medical conditions, prescriptions, pacemaker, etc. – can dramatically reduce the time it takes first responders to diagnose the problem and to begin treating it effectively. And that’s what you really want when you call for help: effective response. That’s what makes emCall different.

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The patented mobile personal emergency response service.

Who is emCall For?

If you have a smartphone, emCall was designed with you in mind. Unlike other response services, emCall is an app that takes advantage of all the benefits that mobile has to offer.

emCall is for anyone, of any age, in any physical condition, who could one day need medical or police help — whether in the home or on the go. As long as you have your charged smartphone with you, and have a cellular or WiFi signal, you’re just three taps away from emergency help — anywhere in the US.

emCall is ideal for:

  • Physically active people who are often outdoors, away from home.
  • Remote workers — e.g., realtors, delivery personnel, maintenance staff, home health aides, freelance talent.
  • Students.
  • People with underlying medical conditions.
  • Anyone who wants the security of knowing that police or medical help is always available, and that first responders will have the personal information you want them to have so that they can respond more effectively.